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So glad you’re still listening. Are you having fun? You must be wondering who’s next and why? What did you do? How did you end up on these tapes? Maybe you did something cruel. Or maybe you just watched it happen. Maybe you didn’t even realize you were being cruel. Maybe you didn’t do anything at all.

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Within The Mighty community, we received dozens of stories from contributors about the show and even wrote a few pieces of our own. Juliette watched season one when it first came out. To prepare for season two, we gathered some questions we had following season one. As season two approaches, we want to hear what you think! Let us know your predictions for season two and any lingering questions you may have in the comments below or you can tweet using the hashtag WatchWithTheMighty.

The first season of 13 Reasons Why told its story entirely through the lens of one character, Hannah Baker, and the tapes she left behind in lieu of a suicide note. Season two, by contrast.

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Justin Foley

The controversial Netflix series has reportedly been renewed for a third season ahead of the season two premiere. This included ‘the rental fee, along with overtime charges and improvements associated with making Analy look like the Liberty High that the show envisioned’. We do, however, know that season two is coming and soon. Here’s what you need to know before that’s available for streaming on Netflix.

Apr 20,  · Watch video · A month ago, I reviewed 13 Reasons Why as an exceptional show about adolescence and pain. The Netflix show based on Jay Asher’s novel of the same name tackles various harrowing themes as it.

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Unless you live under a rock or your friend doesn’t let you use their Netflix login anymore, you probably know that people are obsessed with13 Reasons Why.

Justin is sentenced to six months’ probation and can only be released to one of his parents, neither of whom can be found. This leads Clay’s family to adopt him. Clay discovers he was included on a list of eleven “reasons why not” Hannah had written before her death. Tyler returns to school but is beaten and brutally sodomized by an enraged Montgomery and two of his friends.

Justin is secretly shooting up heroin. Nina is shown with the box of Polaroids, which she burns. Tyler arrives at the dance planning to carry out a mass school shooting, but Clay learns of his plan and confronts him, encouraging him not to do it. He peacefully disarms Tyler as Tony arrives to drive Tyler away in his car. As the car departs, sirens of the approaching police cars can be heard, and Clay is left holding Tyler’s assault rifle in front of the school. Production[ edit ] Universal Studios purchased film rights to the novel on February 8, , with Selena Gomez cast to play Hannah Baker.

Jumpshot, which “analyzes click-stream data from an online panel of more than million consumers”, looked at the viewing behavior and activity of the company’s U. Netflix viewers who watched at least one episode of the season.

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Widely criticized for its romanticization of suicide, the show tackles a variety of taboo subjects throughout its 13 episodes. Some will argue that the story of main character, Hannah Baker, will harm lives; however, telling her story can also be helpful to those struggling with their own demons. In a time where teens struggle to find themselves, while also enduring the scrutiny and judgment of their peers, some can crack under the stress.

May 21,  · Sam Smith is his boyfriend Brandon Flynn‘s biggest fan and he wrote the sweetest note on Instagram to celebrate the release of 13 Reasons Why season two! “Congratulations to .

Edit When Alex was seven, he had to start cleaning up his drunk and drug addict father. At that point, he became the adult of the family as his mother was schizophrenic. Alex described himself as being “raised in a bar” and that his father never took him to the park or camping. Alex was in 17 different foster homes in the course of 5 years. He also spent time in juvenile detention for stealing food for his family. He also admitted his mother into a psychiatric facility at one point.

Alex lost his virginity to a school nurse when he was He missed his high school prom because his father came home and was drunk and started to break things at the house, so Alex stayed home with him. He had a prom date whom he liked and even got her a bracelet, but he never talked to her again because he felt that he stood her up and thought she wouldn’t want to talk to him again. After Alex’s grandmother died, he had a dream where she told him not to play with his parts.

13 Reasons Why: What are the 13 reasons in the hit Netflix series?

What are the 13 Reasons Why? Just as romance started to develop between them, Justin took an underskirt photo of Hannah going down a slide in a playground. Justin boasts about his night with Hannah and the embarrassing photo is shared around the school, leading to rumours that she is promiscuous. The two girls spend a lot of time together, sipping hot chocolates in a local cafe and talking about the ups and downs of teenage life.

Sometime later Alex circulates a list of attractive girls in his class, which mentions Hannah but does not include his girlfriend.

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Hannah’s story is far from over. With so many questions about her past, Yorkey says we’re far from done with her. Despite her suicide, Yorkey, speaking to Entertainment Weekly , revealed Hannah will be back. Is the school responsible? Who is responsible, if anyone is? Yorkey says that’s just one of the ways we’ll explore Hannah’s tale. The other “is through all of these kids reflecting on where they are a few months down the road and what other secrets are being uncovered.

Bryce rapes Hannah in the Netflix show – will he get punished?

Let’s Talk About… Thirteen Reasons Why Season Two

Dylan Minnette on ’13 Reasons Why. The Netflix show based on Jay Asher’s novel of the same name tackles various harrowing themes as it explains the 13 reasons why Hannah Baker Katherine Langford dies by suicide. Within days of its release, 13 Reasons became a clear hit for Netflix, with record numbers of social media reactions and media coverage from reviews to think pieces to that thing with Google Maps.

The idea of a second season is gaining momentum, and seems likely Netflix nearly always greenlights a second installment — but we’re here to rain on that parade.

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Silent, Depressed, Girl in the corner, anxienty problems Works: Monte’s and Theathre Only at weekends On Tapes: No but helps Clay through listening to tapes and is one of Tony’s friend Bio: Lost everything at the age of 7. When she was 4 her father died in the Navy. Her mom couldn’t take it and killed herself when Camilla was only 7.

She was put in adoption center but wasn’t adopted till she was 11 because of her record. She ran away four times and got found. She stole stuff when she ran away and got in trouble.

13 Reasons Why Stars Spark Dating Rumors & Kylie Jenner Fangirls Over Show

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