Do you think Shun loves Alice?

His greatest ambition is to be the number one battle brawler in the world. He is a Pyrus battler. He is frustrated easily. His guardian Bakugan is the Pyrus-attribute Dragonoid nicknamed Drago. He is in love with Runo but doesn’t confess until the end of the series, when they are seen on a date together. Runo Misaki Runo is not your typical pre-teen girl. Runo is a tomboy who loves playing Bakugan with people that have skills to show off. Runo is a Haos battler. Her Guardian Bakugan is the Haos-attribute Tigrerra, who is very obedient to her master and powerful in battle. Runo hates when people think that just because she is a girl, they can beat her.

Shun Kazami Love Story

Drago Dragonoid Runo – Dan and Runo have known each other ever since they were kids at age 6, they first met at the park, Dan was playing baseball with other kids while Runo sat alone because she just moved into town with her parents , Dan then invites her to come and play with them and she accepts, at the end of the day Dan just leaves her without telling her his name until she calls out to him he tells and the two don’t encounter each other again.

A couple years later they are seen as online chatting buds along with Marucho, Alice, Julie, and Shun. Their parents then send them out to go get some meat because of a big sale day.

Now Hiatus. Sequel to ‘Dark Wind’. After defeating Zenoheld, the brawlers return to Earth and Bakugan Interspace goes off with a BANG! Ren finds it hard to know his place of loyalty when he meets Lyra.

Fred on the other hand sees Ron and Harry almost everyday at the burrow. Fred figured that when Hermione and he started to date that Ron would shun the both of them. However, Ron was very welcoming to the new start for Hermione And for Fred, especially because all his failed relationships. He had secretly started to date Lavender Brown. Even though both Hermione and Ron have significant others, they still fought like a married couple.

Ron was the one who picked the fights, while Hermione tried to be decent. Hermione looked up at him and understood immediately.

you and i (shun kazami x reader)

Contact me Main characters Dan Kuso: He is the leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He is a year-old who is always looking for some action. He is quick to react in situations and has a short temper. At the end of the series, since he beat masquerade, he becomes number 1 in the world.

Bakugan shun and alice secretly dating fanfiction to think i rules when dating a married man them but i am adventurer and love the neighborhood and would. crystal-mist | FanFiction.

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Report Story Katsuna was at Marucho’s mansion at one of his parties. He was a rich little guy. Her silky spruce colored hair in a fancy waterfall braid, her makeup light ly done to match her mint green dress along with the mixture of honey gold and jade green. Her flats were a mint green as well. She walked over to Marucho and his group of friends. I’m glad you have come.

YOU ARE READING. Bakugan: Warriors at heart (Bakugan fanfiction) Random. A new adventure of Bakugan has started. Alice had a dream that could mean the end of everything, so she goes to where Dan and the rest of the gang live and the original battle brawlers has been revived.

Shun and Alice “Since we know what happened, can you tell us now about you and Shun? Shun and Alice blushed hard, and Mira noticed this… “awe, it’s so cute, they blushed” she said earning the others some laughter and giggles. Bad news is that the bedroom has only two beds. The three girls talk about this, especially Julie and Runo, who argued about this. Both of them that Alice will take one bed and the other one will ether go to Julie or Runo.

Alice of course getting tired of their conversation just said “Okay, that’s enough! You two both get the bed in the bedroom. The others agreed on this and at the same time smirking, everyone then turned their attention to Alice for her response. Both of them started walking to ‘their’ room, and so did their friends.

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Enjoy a much better MediaMiner experience Chapter 3 [ T – Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ] By:

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Do you think Shun loves Alice?

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Shun Kazami and Alice Gehabich have always been close friends, but is that all they will ever be? Their school dance is coming up but both Shun’s and Alice’s shy personalities have held them back from admitting their feelings for each s:

Edit Shun lives in Japan with his Grandpa who is a known ninja. He swayed away from the brawlers due to his mother being ill and sliding into coma. His mother gave him his Bakugan Ventus Skyress. He decided not to play Bakugan but was convinced after Dan fighting him. Masquerade tried to get Shun under him but was unsuccesful as Shun ditched him totally and badly. He fought Komba, another naive ventus player and defeated him twice. Once he left Brawlers thinking he has to act alone.

Alice followed to persuade him to comeback, Shun and Skyress were explaining Alice when Komba came and challenged a fight. Later he lectured him for not keeping faith in his Bakugan Harpus, being selfish and heartlessly berating his comrade Billy. He explained him importance of friends, he said he himself had forgotten this but now the same will not be in future. Then suddenly Dan came requesting him to comeback with Shun accepting it.

Personality Edit Shun is a boy who is the former first ranked Bakugan brawler who later moves down to the 2nd position, then 3rd after Dan beats him so Drago can evolve.

Shun and Alice – Love Story

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