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It was intended to exploit the fast-growing costume jewelry market. Louis was quickly joined in the company by his brothers Morris and Henry. However, Louis remained the ultimate arbiter of the design and integrity of the final product. Many creations were artistically intricate and made from gilt metal, rhinestones, glass, and enamel. The jewelry features high-quality Austrian rhinestones. In the early s, Kramer produced jewelry for Christian Dior. Marked Kramer or Kramer of New York that is very collectible, especially the more extravagant pieces and sets. Kramer designs favored flowers with an organic-look. The floral designs had colored enamel or gilt petals and leaves.

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Order form Please Keep in Mind This section will be under constant construction. Currently, the collectible estimated values were assembled in When updated, will change the date here.

The Weiss Jewelry Company Made High Quality Costume Jewelry & Was Started in the ‘s on Fifth Avenue in New York by Albert Weiss & Was Known Primarily For Their Rhinestone Jewelry.

August 12, Latest eBay Scams: Resalebum One of the worst scammers on ebay, this seller used to be well respected. Don’t know what happened to him, but the prices of signed jewelry have become so highthat some folks are tempted to scam their buyers. If you know rules to follow when looking for legitimate sellers, you already know one of the most important rules: Never buy from any online dealer who has no return policy and who has in their listings the terms “no refunds,” “sold as is,” “sales final.

Legitimate sellers stand by their descriptions; they know you can’t touch, weigh, or look carefully at jewelry shown only in pictures. Online buying is much different than flea market sales for that reason. An online seller must have a return policy because even the best sellers make mistakes, and the most detailed photos and descriptions can’t always be relied upon.

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If jewelry has hallmarks and they appear authentic, identifying its value is a whole lot easier. But many countries — including the U. How does a budding collector begin to unravel this puzzle? Europe, 19th to 21st Centuries , due out in its second printing this month.

Some sources date this hallmark to pre, however, others have noted that Kramer did produce some post work that omitted the copyright mark, so the presence of the copyright mark may offer little help when dating Kramer jewelry (Carroll, ).Price:

Jewelry is no longer considered to be solely for women to wear as a large number of men today sport jewelry as an expression of their personal style. Our collection of sterling silver necklaces and chains has been specifically designed keeping men in mind. Whether you like something that is classy and elegant or striking and modern, you will definitely find something suitable here.

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The backs of earlier pieces were either plated with gold or rhodium, a shiny silver-colored metal. Later pieces in the 60s and 70s had textured backs rather than smooth. Prior to jewelry makers were not able to use copyright law to protect their designs. Often jewelry companies placed design patents on their pieces prior to that date as copy protection.

This page is a work in progress, identifying and dating hallmarks through jewelry research. If you would like to help feel free to contact me. This page is a work in progress, identifying and dating hallmarks through jewelry research. Kramer used this mark along with Kramer of NY and simply Kramer from until roughly Top. L.

Patents, Advertisements, and Book References 3 categories of references are indicated next to our items on the Collection pages These patents provide an invaluable source of information as to the designer and date of pieces, and in some cases with unsigned items , as to the identity of the manufacturer as well. We have been doing our homework to supplement the superb resource provided by the Brunialti’s great books see below. These patent reproductions are cut and pasted versions of the original patents, showing the design drawings front and side , the designer, the date filed, the date issued, and the patent number – simply to accomodate the information to the design of the site, and to reduce the file size and download time of the reproductions.

If there is also patent there, the symbol below that is used. There may also be a reference to a book there as well. Adverts can provide a date and a manufacturer for pieces in the absence of other evidence. And they can provide a contemporary context for how the jewels were worn – in pairs, or clipped to a necklace for example. Once again, we are following the lead of the Brunialtis in the use of these materials in dating and attributing our pieces.

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Cow: KRAMER JEWELRY Kramer advertised its jewelry designs extensively and also held some design patents dating from to The company closed its doors in or To see the various marks used by Kramer Jewelry Creations, visit Dotty Stringfield’s Researching Costume Jewelry.

They make cameos from about 26 different types of shell but for the most part there shell that came from the sea. The setting may be gold, silver, brass, or pinchback but the cleaning is almost the same. There are quite a few fancy and expensive ways to clean cameo jewelry such as ionic cleaners, steam cleaners, and many more. But whenever you enter a priceless old cameo into the modern world of cleaners you take a chance of damaging your cherished piece of jewelry.

If you have to choose one i would go with the ionic cleaner rather then the others just because you will rarely have any damage with that particular cleaner. Be sure to get the one with the electrical cord because the battery powered ones just do not have as much umph. They are not cheap! I clean my cameo jewelry all of them simple, easy and very inexpensively. I use an age old secret formula!!

It has been a trade secret in the jewelry industry for years and I am going to let you in on it right now! Yep, good old fashioned white toothpaste will clean the white face of a shell cameo in no time at all. And you can use it on agate cameos, shell cameos, wedgwood cameos, turquoise cameos, glass cameos and coral cameos. Here are the simple steps you can do for cleaning that old cameo: Start with the metal cameo frame and to clean it no matter if your cameo is silver, gold or brass use some red jewelers rouge.

What you need to know about jewelry hallmarks

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Kramer Jewelry Creations was founded in New York in by designer Louis Kramer with brothers Morris and Henry joining the company in the beginning. The company’s jewelry was of .

Do you recognize the style as belonging to a particular period or limited to that period? Would it have a special use or be appropriate for certain fashions of the day? Are the stones a color that was really popular or significant in that era? The “sapphire” dress clip shown above was made between and During WWII many pieces of jewelry were red white and blue, pieces were made in the shape of airplanes, “V’s” for Victory or even sailors in uniform!

The wings and the P38 airplane earrings are “sweetheart” jewelry, and would have been worn by the wife or sweetheart of the pilot. The stones are plastic – rhinestones were in short supply during the War. Metal What is the type of metal used and is it plated? The KTF dress clip is rhodium plated. Rhodium plating was not used until the ’30’s.

We know this is late ’20’s early ’30’s because of the style – and because it is made of potmetal.

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Click on an underlined word for more information on that subject. Aurora borealis rhinestones have a special iridescent finish that shines with many colors. The iridescent surface is a result of a very thin layer of metallic atoms that have been deposited on the lower surface of the stone. This process was invented in by the Swarovski company together with Christian Dior. ABALONE Abalone is a mollusk whose shell is iridescent on the inside; abalone is a source of mother of pearl , which is used in jewelry making.

Some commonly-known acrylics are lucite and plexiglas.

Jewelry Fixups: How to Clean, Repair, and Restore Your Jewelry An excellent reference for jewelry care and repair techniques, Jewelry Fixups also provides details about the construction and materials used in the jewelry designs of various eras.

His name was Josiah Wedgwood. He was born in in England and was the son of a potter. At the age of 6, Josiah was an apprentice potter and at 30 years of age he owned his own business. In he created a complete set of pottery with his own personal brand of porcelain and glazes. He called himself “Potter to the Queen” The moniker stuck and Wedgwood would go down in history, not only for pottery, but for cameos of all shapes and sizes with a multitude of profiles, both famous and not so famous.

Wedgwood created his cameos in two parts from jasperware ceramics with profiles in the Neo-Classical style. These Wedgwood cameos were set in pinchbeck, gold, and even steel. The colors were powder blue, light pink, olive or light green, and black all during the nineteenth century.

Vintage Kramer Jewelry

If jewelry has hallmarks and they appear authentic, identifying its value is a whole lot easier. But many countries — including the U. How does a budding collector begin to unravel this puzzle? Europe, 19th to 21st Centuries , due out in its second printing this month. Yes, especially in the U.

Dating. Kramer jewelry ad ‘Heirloom’ Find this Pin and more on Kramer, Sam Jewelry Established by Sherry Bass. See more. eBay. STUNNING Vintage KRAMER Sterling Silver Amethyst Diamente Rhinestone Brooch Pin Still very beautiful Kramer Jewelry Brooches See more. from Butterfly Pin.

This album covers research being done to ascertain whether this is a pendant made by Reinhold Vasters, as well as whether the mostly matching pendant from two Parke Bernet auctions is the same pendant or a “twin. Some genuine pieces had survived, but the limited supply of genuine Renaissance jewelry could not keep up with 19th century demand. In the last thirty years or so, jewelry and silver historians have begun to realise the sheer number of pieces made in the latter part of the 19th Century in the Renaissance style.

The discovery, in the Victoria and Albert Museum library, of some 1, designs for jewelry and the mountings of hardstone by the goldsmith, Reinhold Vasters of Aachen, has revolutionised our thinking on the subject. Reinhold Vasters was born near Aachen and entered his mark as a goldsmith in that city in He was very shortly thereafter appointed restorer at the Aachen Cathedral Treasury. His early work seems to have concentrated on church silver which he marked, very straight-forwardly, R.

In addition there are two recorded Renaissance style jewels from this period which bear an RV conjoined mark struck on a small applied plaque on the reverse, which are almost certainly by him 4. By the late s he seems to have given up making new church silver and turned to working mainly on unmarked secular pieces in the Gothic and Renaissance style.

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Lisa 4 Comments Dating jewelry is done through multiple methods: James Cox developed a method of backing silver with a thin sheet of gold in This is significant in dating jewelry since it means gold-backed silver is post , and not from the earliest decades of the Georgian era. However, the absence of gold backing does not mean that a piece is pre Gold Back of Georgian Hair Ornament hair pin is later addition

Amazing Adornments presents The History of American and European Costume Jewelry Designers and Manufacturers Including American Modernist Jewelry. As we find out additional facts and gather additional hallmarks from the designer or manufacturer, we will add them. Sam Kramer New York, NY The Basics of Dating Jewelry Julia C.

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